Next generation serial terminal

Termethos serial terminal

What makes Termethos Different?


Moder design

Modern design, modern user interface, with large set of features.


Simple user interface

User interface starts simple, and get more advanced only when you needed to be.


Clear trace

Alternate color lines and multi color support, hard to miss important information.


Text boxing

Add a box around text to highlight firmeware version, brand name...etc.


Multip level traces

Debug, info, warning, and error trace leverls with different colors. No difficult escape codes to remember.


Realtime Dashboard

You can monitor real time data and see last changed value highlighted, you will not miss any important event.


CLI with history

Connect to the shell part of your firmware or just issue commands. History is kept so you can save time typing.


Keyboard shortcuts

Define keyboard shortcuts for you commands so you can quickly stop these motors or reset your MCU.


Javascript commands

For maximum flexibility you can use Javascript to implement your own commands.


Custom baudrates

User defined baudrates in addition to the standard ones so you can communicate to this IoT device weirdo!


Saved Connections

Create multiple connection settings and select the one to open any time later. Edit with ease when things change.


Integrated environment

Can perform debugging, nonitoring, control, shell interactions inside Termethos without the need to use multiple applications.

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